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Stacy Groba-Fletcher

My daughter, Emily, just joined this year, and loves the coaches and everyone at Cheer Factory! Everybody was so welcoming from the minute we walked in and very helpful with questions we have since this is our first year. When class is over her first question is when are we going back!! Cant wait to see what this year holds for her and her team! So excited to be part of this wonderful cheer experience!

Tiffany Kalkhake

We love cheer factory! The coaches and staff are awesome!

Danielle Bashinski

Couldn't have asked for a better group of people to spend three and a half years of my life with! Not only was I able to be a part of the "first" team, but I was able to spend those two years and six months with an awesome staff and amazing students! I love and miss all of y'all!

Adrianne Perkins

We recently joined the cheer factory family... everyone has been so welcoming and nice... my daughter loves it and we couldn’t be happier

Berneake Gantt

The coaches are phenomenal! I absolutely love the praying and holding hands at the end of each session!

Veronica Moncada O'Donnell

Everyone is so helpful and the kids respond to the positive energy!

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The Cheer Factory’s mission is to train athletes for the future in order to excel both physically and spiritually. We believe that while physical training adds value in some things; spiritual training adds value to ALL things.

An encouraging and positive atmosphere where each athlete is treated with courtesy and respect and where our athletes are encouraged to treat their competitors in the same way.


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