Squad Training

This class is designed to offer customized gym time for Middle School, Junior High, Pee Wee Teams, and High School Squads in the area. With the main focus being on tumbling, there is an opportunity to work other skills. While choreography is not offered in this class, stunts and jumps can be worked at the cheer coach’s request. This class is one hour, once a week, for up to ten squad members. DEA will add more time, and an extra coach, for squads with more than 10 members.

Each team will receive 1 hour of instruction per week. They will work on the following:

* Motion Technique
* Stunt Technique
* Tumbling Technique
* Jump Technique
* Voice Projection
* Pep Rallys
* School Appropriate Dances
* School Spirit Ideas

Call now for details on being part of this exciting training opportunity for Elementary thru College level cheer squads.