DEA Policies & Gym Rules

DEA Policies & Gym Rules

Dynamic Extreme Athletics Class Attire

All cheer and tumblers are required to wear t-shirts and shorts 
All Star Cheer is required to wear DEA approved practice wear
No jewelry 
No shorts with belt loops, zippers, or buckles 
Long hair shall be placed in a pony tail.

Dynamic Extreme Athletics Make-Up Classes & Class Changes

Dynamic Extreme Athletics offers make-up classes for any class missed 
Class tuition is NOT prorated due to absences/holidays 
All make-up classes are offered by reservation only due to class ratios 
All make-up classes must be completed within 30 days and while student is actively enrolled in the DEA program 
Any class changes must be requested at the office and will be based on availability

Dynamic Extreme Athletics Tuition

Dynamic Extreme Athletics monthly tuition is listed under each class that is offered 
Dynamic Extreme Athletics offers a 20% off discount for each additional tumbling class AFTER the first students tuition. Discount is applied to EACH additional tumbling class AFTER registering for the first class.   Discount does not apply to Jump or Flight classes
First and last month tuition is due at registration 
Dynamic Extreme Athletics offers a discount of $5 off the monthly tuition rate if tuition is paid before the 1st of each month 
Dynamic Extreme Athletics offers an auto-pay program that pays your tuition on the 1st of each month via credit card 
This auto-pay feature entitles you to the $5 discount per month 
Monthly rates will be prorated based on when the student is enrolled in the DEA program AFTER the first class session of the month
Registration fees are $40 for the first student and $20 for each additional student in the same family 
All registration fees and monthly tuition is non-refundable

Dynamic Extreme Athletics Classes

Dynamic Extreme Athletics requires a 30 days written notice for all classes and/or activities. This notice helps DEA maintain its class ratios
Dynamic Extreme Athletics offers a FREE trial class to any student who is NOT currently enrolled in any DEA program. So please select the class and time that best fits the students needs and schedule

Dynamic Extreme Athletics Parking

Please park in these designated parking spots

Dynamic Extreme Athletics - Reserves the right to change and/or modify these policies and rules at anytime. DEA also reserves the right to terminate any student and/or student’s parent from our program for any misconduct detrimental to our gym.